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Would you stand over these shadows and embrace our history?

coffee, talk and crimes

we apologise for nothing
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During the struggle,they will pull us down +
atiqah. Nov 18. fashion, photography and design cheers me up. cute & hot boys are nice to look at. is shy at meeting new people, so, be patient. wants to learn french, spanish, german, japanese. & I dream of going around the world one day, top few places of visit: england, spain, france, italy, denmark, switzerland.
This revolution won't be televised +
football and music lightens my soul. tennis slowly building in. liverpool football club above all other clubs. spain nt. novak djokovic. muse above all other musician/ bands. busted is not forgotten. mcfly boys are irresistable. fightstar will paint your target.
you must know fernando torres and matt bellamy because they are great, period. followed by daniel agger, steven gerrard, xabi alonso.
Fights and battles have begun +
hogwarts would be my dream school and gryffindor is my house and sirius black would be my godfather. aladdin, the little mermaid and the lion king are my disney heroes/ heroines. the notebook and a walk to remember tears me up. skins cast makes me drool for their accent and the prettiness.
tv: heroes, prison break, chuck, lfc tv, hana kimi (japanese), peach girl, ugly betty, reality shows
movies: the dark knight, the notebook, a walk to remember, sweeney todd, juno, brokeback mountain

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

There are more secrets to be told. Just you watch.

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